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Beautiful And Alone

Many times you may remember seeing absolutely gorgeous women sitting alone in a bar. You may have known physically flawless women that rarely had a date on the weekends. While it may not make sense, it’s definitely true that many beautiful women spend a large portion of their lives alone. Once you dig into this phenomena a bit, though, you’ll start to see why it happens more than people think.

Valentine’s Day Traditions: Come and Go

Different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day have emerged through time. It has created a variety of traditions that are practiced in varying countries. Some have been forgotten, some are not.

The history of card giving in the United States has changed starting from the Civil War to what is practiced today. There were times when cards contain cruel and rude humor. Although, many cards have patriotic and political designs like images showing lovers, heroes, and generals. Nowadays, Internet have modified the way people give cards—through email.

Origins of Valentine’s Day

Though theories on pagan traditions are closer explanations of how Valentine’s Day emerged, several people opted the religious theory of February 14’s origin.

Historical experts—some historians and archaeologists—consider three theories that explain the origins of this universal celebration of love and romance. However, only two of the three theories link the day to romance. The last involves martyrdom during the pre-Christian era.

The first theory considered by historians is the feast of Lupercalia. On February 14, a day before the real festival of Lupercalia begins; the Romans honored Juno who was the queen and goddess of marriage and women of the Roman mythology. On the day of festival, Roman women would write love letters and put them in a large urn so that men could choose from. Then, a man would pursue the woman who authored his chosen letter.

Successful Methods In Getting A Guy

There are some very basic methods that you can use when you’re trying to get the guy of your choice attracted to you. Some will help you in getting his attention and the rest of them will help you KEEP it. Then he’ll keep finding you interesting.